Market Medical


At Verhaert medical, we combine expertise in product management, human factor engineering, integrated sytem development and manufacturing, applied science and regulatory.

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Market Connect


Connected products play a critical role in today’s value creation processes. Our innovation center in the Netherlands designs IoT, digital applications and experiences from strategy to implementation.

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Market FMCG


Product and brand experience during all different consumption opportunities is crucial for sustainable value creation in highly competitive FMCG markets.

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Market Industry


Our track record covers a broad range of critical applications often based on optics, mechatronics, positioning or condition monitoring technologies.

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Market Aerospace


At our innovation center in Nivelles, Lambda-X, we have developed and manufactured more than 30 optical instruments for micro gravity research, space exploration, satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and guidance & navigation.

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Market TechXfer


We help you to make value of new materials and technologies from opportunity identification towards product and business development. Our TechXfer program furthermore is the Belgian broker in ESA’s Technology Transfer Network (TTN).

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Our medical program is focusing on

Life science & diagnostics

Verhaert understands the innovation drivers and challenges the biopharma and medtech industry are facing: from near patient testing to convergence between technologies. We tackle them by our managed, multidisciplinary innovation services. We focus on life science and lab instrumentation, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), and point-of-care diagnostics.

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Drug delivery

New drug delivery strategies contribute to better targeted therapies and personalized medicine. Verhaert relies on its expertise in user driven design and benefits from cross-fertilization from the fast moving consumer goods market.

Surgical & devices

We help our customers to define, develop and launch next generation surgical tools and devices. The strive towards minimal invasive surgery pushes technology to the limit with miniaturization while safety remains the main concern. Our team has proven multidisciplinary and clinically aware design capabilities to accelerate your innovation.


At Lambda-X we design, develop and build ophthalmic metrology and quality control products. With capabilities in conception, prototyping and serial production we support the development and manufacturing of your next generation products. We provide a comprehensive range of performing and reliable solutions for any type of IOLs, contact lenses and spectacles like the world acclaimed NIMO line of instruments.

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Connected health

The medical sector is confronted with the convergence of digital technology with health, so called connected health. Combining our thorough knowledge in medical applications and its regulatory framework with our expertise and experience in Internet of Things applications makes us the preferred partner for strategy, technology and product development for connected and wearable medical applications.

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Front End of Innovation

FEI Front End of Innovation Consultancy

We help to improve success of innovation and manage risks inherent to new businesses. We understand how to catalyze top-line growth by framing strategies for growth, creating new products & businesses and drive them to market.

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New Products Development

NPD New Products Development

We are passionate about managing your challenging product development programs. We operate as your external R&D team in a flexible way to meet your innovation objectives.

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New Products Introduction

NPI New Products Introduction

From working prototypes to mass production, we are called upon for our technical expertise and systems view supporting the complete NPI process.

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Digital Products Development

DPD Digital Products Development

We revolutionize the way products and sensors communicate with you. We identify your potential for connected products and create new possibilities of use, new services, and a simpler yet more powerful user experience.

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